An average of 3 kids disappears in Argentina every day. People, however, don`t get involved with the problem. Almacen and Missing Children developed “The Invisible flyer” to warn the society about this situation. The action was developed in the national championship final game, with over 48000 people in the audience. Thanks to a quite particular flyer, thousands of people opened their eyes.

Los creadores:

Advertising Agency: Almacén, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Co-Chairmans: Daniel Onorato, Caio Lucini
Executive Creative Directors: Walter Onorato, Diego Duprat
Copywriter: Maximiliano Samaruga
Art Director: Pablo Kahn
Productor Company: Potrero
Director: Potrero
Agency Producer: Diego Schapira
Director of Photography: Matias Mesa
Post: Steady Lab
Music / Sound: Twins Music

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